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Highly-Effective Zone Out Of Bounds (Inbounds) Plays

Below you will find some of our most-effective zone out of bounds plays. Inbounds Plays Against Zone Defenses Sneaky - This is a great play that can be used at any time. It can also be used as a great end of game play. 2 Simple Baseline Out Of Bounds Plays Against All Zone Defenses - Here are a couple of multi-dimensional plays out of the 1-4 low and box sets that can be used against zone and man defenses.

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Out-of-Bounds Play "Splitter". Diagram A. Notice that the defense is aligned in a 2-3 zone. O3 has the ball out of bounds. O5 lines up above the blocks, between the X4 and X5 defenders. O4 stacks outside the X1 defender. O1 and O2 form a mini-stack above the X1 defender. When O1 yells "go", O5 seals the inside defender.

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Basketball Plays - Out-of-Bounds Plays vs the 2-3 Zone. From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook, @ http://www.coachesclipboard.net. Many teams will play a 2-3 zone to defend against the out-of-bounds play under the basket. Here are some plays you can run against a 2-3 zone. Splitter, 23 Stack, Indiana, Middle, Offset, 23 Box, Missouri, Kansas-1, and Kansas-2.

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This baseline out of bounds play sets up in a line as we often see, however, the players 'line' up higher than is often set. Whether against a man-to-man or a zone defense, this line play will grant several scoring options. When the official hands the basketball to O3, O5 curls back to screen for O1.

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Baseline out of bounds plays are special inbound plays alongside sideline out of bounds plays that are executed under the basket and can be used to create quick easy scores. These types of plays can be effective against man to man defense or against zone defense such as the 2-3 zone. In addition, baseline out of bounds plays utilize types of screens such as ball screens and flare screens to create a variety of scoring possibilities.

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Basketball Out of Bounds Plays Sideline Slice - Sideline Wide Open Spaces - Under Basket Post 1 - Under Basket Line - Press Breaker Cheetah - Press Breaker Celtics Handoff - Sideline Kansas St - Screen the Inbounder Play Chicago Bulls Vs. Orlando Magic - Baseline Kobe's Game-Winning 3-Pointer Vs.

2 Simple Baseline Out Of Bounds Plays For All Occasions

Out-of-bounds plays present opportunities to score. Too many times, we use O-O-Bs as an opportunity to just get the ball inbounds. It is not after that you start a possession so close to the basket. It is a great advantage. Use it. Here are 2 simple out of bounds plays from under the basket that can be used against all kinds of defenses. Line Under

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This out of bounds play works well against any zone, but especially against a 2-3 zone defense. When the official hands the basketball to #3, 31 cuts to the ballside corner. #4 sets a screen, and #2 curls around #4 for a quick jump shot. …. [Read more...] Filed Under: Sideline Inbounds Plays.