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Destiny 2 Uses a Hybrid of Client-server and P2P Tech Instead ...

Destiny 2 Uses a Hybrid of Client-server and P2P Tech Instead of Pure Client-server Networking Model. Bungie has provided more details about the networking model that Destiny 2 will use. Following...

What P2P Connections Mean For Destiny 2 Online Gaming – P2P ...

Bad experience for users; savings for developers. Instead, Destiny 2 will have a hybrid system of dedicated servers and P2P technology. In this way, its creators claim that “the game experience will be better for the users”, but they do not specify how. If a user becomes the host, it is clear that the game experience will be better for him, having 0 ping as he is playing on the local server, but for the rest of the players this experience may not be as good as they promise.

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Dedicated Servers, P2P unacceptable > Destiny 2 - Feedback ...

Destiny has always had server authority for mission and public space logic, and Destiny 2 has server hosted physics, meaning the clients are only authoritative for things like their position and abilities (per bungie themselves). This is due to a design pillar of wanting the game to feel like a solo experience everywhere.

Destiny 2 Servers Aren't Dedicated or P2P | Attack of the Fanboy

The servers in Destiny 2 aren’t dedicated or p2p, they’re what Bungie is calling a hybrid model. The game actually uses both dedicated servers and peer to peer. In explaining this Bungie’s Matt Segur writes, “Every activity in Destiny 2 is hosted by one of our servers.

Is P2P good for gaming? - BoardGamesTips

P2P is good if you play coop or very slow games. That is a good point, but even P2P games need matchmaking servers (unless you connect through IP address). So even a P2P game could have its “servers” closed. How does peer to peer gaming work? In Peer to Peer games, the players connect directly to each other.

Destiny 2 p2p/dedicated servers update!! : destiny2

Destiny 2 uses a hybrid of client-server and peer-to-peer technology, just like Destiny 1. The server is authoritative over how the game progresses, and each player is authoritative over their own movement and abilities.

Destiny 2 P2P problem. : destiny2

Destiny 2 P2P problem. I like many others have bad download/upload speeds but a great stable and consistent ping. Since I have no way to get better download speeds I am forced to avoid certain peer 2 peer games because I can not play them. For instance on tabletop simulator I can not connect with 4 or more people because it tries to connect me ...

Destiny 2's Hybrid-P2P networking is worse than the pure P2P ...

Destiny 2's networking is horrible. As a franchise, Destiny arguably has the absolute worst networking of any AAA franchise in gaming today . There's no reason that people with port-forwarded networking setups, running above 100mbps, wired into their modems should be getting random disconnects, and there's even less reason for disconnects to increase in frequency near the end of an activity .