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Laut | Definition of Laut by Merriam-Webster

noun, sometimes capitalized A. : the voiceless velar fricative sound represented by the ch of German ach or the ch of Scottish loch, phonemically often allophonic with the ich-laut. See the full definition.

laut translation in English | German-English dictionary | Reverso

laut. [1] 1 adj. a (=nicht leise) loud. b (=lärmend, voll Lärm) noisy. (=auffällig, aufdringlich) [Mensch] loudmouthed. [Farbe etc] loud. er wird immer gleich/wird niemals laut he always/never gets obstreperous. c (=hörbar) out loud pred, adv , aloud pred, adv.

Laut - definition of Laut by The Free Dictionary

lau·ter. (lou′tər) tr.v. lau·tered, lau·ter·ing, lau·ters. To drain the wort from (the spent grain of a mash) in brewing. [From German läuter- (as in Läuterbottich, tub for lautering ), stem of läutern, to purify, lauter (from Middle High German liutern, from Old High German hlūttaren, from hlūttar, clear; akin to Greek kluzein, to wash away, rinse out, and Latin cloāca, drain, sewer ), and perhaps partly also from German lauter, clear (from Middle High German lūter, from Old ...

English Translation of “laut” | Collins German-English Dictionary

loudly. lauter sprechen to speak louder or more loudly, to speak up. etw laut (er) stellen to turn sth up (loud) laut auflachen to burst out laughing, to laugh out loud. laut nachdenken to think aloud. etw laut sagen (lit) to say sth out loud; (fig) to shout sth from the rooftops, to tell sth to the whole world.

Laut | translate German to English: Cambridge Dictionary

Laut translate: sound, sound, loud, noisy, loudly, noisily, according to, according to, aloud, loudly, loud, beep. Learn more in the Cambridge German-English Dictionary.

Meaning of lauT in English | Rekhta Dictionary

Meaning of lauT in English | Rekhta Dictionary. Search results. Saved words. Showing results for "lauT". taqdiir lauT jaanaa. the luck to be turn over, the reversal of fate. lauT jaanaa. go back, to return. lauT.

Laut in English. Laut Meaning and Malay to English Translation

If you want to learn laut in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Malay to English. We hope this will help you in learning languages. Here is laut meaning in English: sea Edit. ocean Edit.

What does laut mean in Malay? - WordHippo

What does laut mean in Malay? laut. English Translation. sea. More meanings for laut. sea noun. laut. the sea.

What does "timur laut" mean in Malay?

What does timur laut mean in Malay? timur laut. English Translation. north east. More meanings for timur laut. northeast. timur laut. northeasterly.