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15 October 2021 Friday With the free soccer analysis program, you can extract detailed statistics of matches with football ratio analysis comparison, mathematical soccer predictions, free prediction tips, free football predictions match analysis, set analysis of the league, odds and selection options as you wish.

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A positive percentage indicates the closing odds were higher than the opening odds, therefore the odds went up. For example, a change of 3.50% for “O2.5” (Over 2.5 goals) means there was an average increase of 3.50% in the odds for the selected period.

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16 October 2021 Saturday Football Odds Analysis. 16 October 2021 Saturday Free match analysis on the matches to be played on the day. Daily football odds analyses are being generated. With our free analysis, tips are generated for our users to gain high profits. You can follow our analysis by visiting our page momentarily.

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If both outcomes have the same percent probability, then the odds should be even (2.0), which means that if you wager £100, you will stand to make £200 if you win. Unfortunately, the actual odds bookies provide are lower than the conventional ones, which means that they might offer something like 1.5 or 1.9 depending on their generosity instead of even odds.

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In the premier league 73.94% of teams 1-0 up at HT go on to win that game, and West Ham win 73.33% of games they are 1-0 up at HT in (fair odds 1.36). Head to Head Statistics: Use Data to Make the Right Bets. When playing Southampton at home, they have played 8 times and West Ham won 75% of those (6 of 8 games).

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Soccer predictions. Our system is calculating the percentage of all the teams and list them in order where the highest amount comes up first. Our calculating is based on the last 10 matches for each team and comparing the 2 teams stats in the markets, which gives you an average of that market. So the stats of that is actually not the percentage ...

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50/50, is simply a way of expressing a 50% chance for player 1 to win and an equal 50% chance that player 2 will win. So looking at the Odds table above and looking up the conversion of a 50% chance we can see that both players will be EVENS. This is before the bookie adds in his percentage (edge). (more of this later).

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The chance of winning is 4 out of 52, while the chance against winning is 48 out of 52 (52-4=48). Entering A=4 and B=48 into the calculator as 4:48 odds are for winning you get. For 4 to 48 odds for winning; Probability of: Winning = (0.0769) or 7.6923%. Losing = (0.9231) or 92.3077%.

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