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6 Qualities Every Tennis Player Must Have

6 Qualities Every Tennis Player Must Have. Honesty. What’s great, but also difficult about playing tennis, is that you usually don’t have a judging official to call the shots. Most high school, ... Authority. Confidence. Stoicism. Intellect.

Qualities that make a tennis player stronger to win the game ...

As we know tennis is a game of movement. Players need to be able to get an early start with an explosive first step. They need to respond to different sorts of shots, and move quickly while constantly changing direction. Speed describes how fast a tennis player can get to the tennis ball.

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5 Traits the Greatest Tennis Players Have in Common ...

Great players weather hostile crowds and mid-match slumps. The great ones outsmart their opponents and remain mentally tough.

Why Every Aspiring Player Must Learn the 5 S’s of Tennis ...

Architect and sculptor Gautam Bhatia tells us about the 5 qualities that tennis players must learn, to play their best. One of the real measures of a great sport is the rigour with which all five conditions that test the human body – its physical and mental capacity – come into play. A game like tennis tests all of the 5 S’s : Skill, Stamina, Speed, Strength and Spirit.

Testing Athletic Qualities in Tennis - Part 2

Check out that post here. In this post we’ll look at 4 other athletic qualities every tennis player should train - max speed, agility/change-of-direction (COD), power and endurance - AND how to test these qualities.

The 8 Most Critical Tennis Skills and How to Test Them ...

Your footwork affects every single shot in your repertoire. It is the difference between a powerful, offensive, and balanced strike, and a short, defensive, attackable one. Action Step: Perform a 20 yard dash and record your time. Between 3.3-3.4 seconds (men/women) is an average time.

30 College Tennis Coaches Reveal Top Character Traits of ...

30 College Tennis Coaches Reveal Top Character Traits of Successful Student-Athletes 1. Competitiveness 2. Hardworking 3. Honesty 4. Focus 5. Clutch Gene

7 attributes that could create the ultimate tennis player

Tennis is one of the most popular games in the world and has been graced by many great players over the decades. ... it is not possible for a player to have all the qualities needed to excel on ...