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Tennis Follow Through. The development of new racket technology and the evolution technique (grip changes, more spin and the quest for maximum power) have increased racket-head speed on all shots, which has profoundly affected the follow-through and how it is taught. The most important thing to remember about the follow-through is that, if you have a good swing path leading up to and through the hitting zone, the follow-through should come naturally.

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Tennis Video: Forehand Basics Part Two. Gilad Bloom explains the fundamentals of the cornerstone of tennis technique with this video tip from PlaySportsTV.com. Step 2 teaches you the proper swing and follow-through for a well-executed forehand.

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Start in your regular serving position with the side of your body facing the net. Toss the ball, then attack! Reach up, hit the ball as high as possible and swing straight through. Try to hit the...

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Pitchers use this drill to prepare the decelerators to handle higher velocities - those that occur during the acceleration & follow-through phases of a pitch (or tennis serve). Exercise 4 - Reverse Catch & Throw

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I teach catching the racquet on the forehand follow-through for two main reasons: 1. More power through shoulder and body rotation. A tennis forehand strokes seems to be played by using our arm to move the racquet back and forward, so most players interpret the forehand in that way and actually use mostly their arm.

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The follow through completes your service motion. From contact, follow through so that the racket points straight down at the court and get your back foot up so that all the weight is on your front foot.

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The ninth and final step of the serve is the follow through. From contact, continue to pronate and point the tennis racket down at the court. From here, bring the tennis racket around to the other side of your body.

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